QwikLabs Study Notes

Previewing the Lab

Forging ahead, most of the introductory and fundamental labs sent me to a preview video for the lab. Eventually, I just clicked ‘skip this video’ as I prefer to read new material. Do NOT start the lab right away!! Give yourself an hour or more to preview the lab. During the preview:

  • Note of any unfamiliar terms or concepts. This enabled me to clarify what I didn’t understand.
  • Follow all links to external documents and, at the very least, give them a quick scan. This was invaluable to becoming familiar with the extensive documentation available online.
  • Copy all commands to a text editor. Try to understand what each command is doing. Often you can cut and paste the first part of the command in your web browser to pull up an explanation of the command.
  • Write down the answer to any questions posed in the lab. Research the question so that you feel confident in the answer BEFORE you start the lab.

Remember previewing the lab incurs no cost. I found this approach to be a good way to build my confidence before accessing the lab and facing a timer. Did I mention that all of the labs are timed?