Study Notes

Did it! QwikLabs Cloud Engineering Quest

QwikLabBadge for CloudEngineer

I joined and completed the first 30-day challenge of 2020 at QwikLabs for the Cloud Engineering Quest. It got me thinking about where I want to focus my skills as I redefine my professional self. I like being versatile on many different platforms as well as competent with many different programming languages. This is why I call myself a technical generalist. And it is why I found this quest pretty darn fun.

The labs in the quest cover a lot of territory. I found myself setting up access levels with Cloud IAM in one lab then setting up a VPC or two in another. The lab that introduced the Kubernetes Engine provided a glimpse into the world of DevOps. I learned a bit about performance monitoring in the Stackdriver lab. By the time I completed all of the labs for the quest, I realized that this area of professional development offered years of exploration. It builds on skills I developed way back when as a computer lab administrator for Southwest Minnesota State University such as SSH, BASH and DNS configuration while opening the door to cloud deployment design and configuration.

This is the beginning of my journey to redefine my working self. I want to engineer cloud deployments with an emphasis on database configurations. I am sharing my thoughts, progress and study notes here, first, to help myself track my progress and, second, to reach out to others who are finding their way in this digitally webbed world.