QwikLabs Study Notes

Before the First Lab

Going into my pursuit of a career as a cloud engineer, I bring with me a strong understanding of Linux systems, basic programming skills and some work experience with computers. Despite this, I often find myself floundering in the acronyms, jargon and sea of platforms/resources/tools. I accept this lost feeling. In my experience, it is an integral part of working with digital technology. That said, almost every lab I completed involved the following:

  • a familiarity with BASH or some command line shell
  • recognizing gcloud SDK commands
  • a very basic understanding of git

The links above are a starting point. There are endless resources online. When I am digging through these resources, I expect them to be free (though sometimes accompanied by ads). If I am having trouble understanding an explanation, I go back and refine my search. I try to stay focused on one particular question to prevent falling into the rabbit hole of too much information. Two skills that I use over and over again are clearly identifying my question/confusion and sifting through oceans of information for answers I can understand. That takes practice and perseverance.