GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Study Notes

ACE Exam Guide Stackdriver

Stackdriver is a set of tools for monitoring cloud resources. It appears, at the time of this writing, to be in a sort of transition from being an independent entity to becoming an integrated part of GCP. Perhaps because of this, Stackdriver requires a workspace. The workspace does not seem to be directly placed in the resource hierarchy of GCP. I know that it either has to somehow fit the GCP resource hierarchy, in order for GCP to track it, or exist on a separate platform like Cloud Identity does.

Only after I blindly provisioned a workspace did I notice that it automagically linked to my current project. A project is required to set up a Stackdriver workspace. This project becomes the ‘host project’ for the Stackdriver workspace. By default, the current project becomes the host project. I guess this is how Stackdriver workspaces fit into the GCP resource hierarchy. But did I want a workspace for each project?

It might not seem like a bad thing to have a workspace for each project. There is no cost for provisioning a workspace, so that isn’t an issue. An advantage is that the name of the Stackdriver workspace matches the name of the project. This makes it easy to find each project’s workspace. The disadvantage is that I would need to change workspaces every time I wanted to check on how a given project is performing. It turns out one Stackdriver workspace can monitor up to one hundred projects. This does not go both ways, as a project can only belong to one workspace.

I decided I only wanted to use one workspace to monitor all of my projects, as is recommended in the documentation. This required creating a new project. I put the project inside a folder of my organization, just for practice. After this, using the GCE monitoring GUI, I was able to merge my first workspace with this new workspace. It automatically moved the project to the new workspace. The old workspace disappeared. I then added my other project to this workspace. I now have provisioned one Stackdriver workspace that can monitor both of my projects.