QwikLabs Study Notes

Accessing the Lab

Labs are accessed by clicking the green ‘Start Lab’ button. This is when the cost of the lab is charged. This is when the timer will start running. The timer has never run out in any of the labs I have taken. Once I started the lab, it was the only thing I focused on — no cell phone calls, no searching on the web, nothing. 

  • Read each step carefully. Even though I had previewed the lab, if things are not done in the proper order, it can really mess things up. 
  • Patience. Is. A. Virtue. Often, it took upwards of 10 minutes for some parts of the lab to work. I resisted the temptation to multitask. It is easy to get lost or forget a step. 
  • Watch changes in the GUI or CLI, including error messages. I noted things I wanted to look up later in my text editor. This helped keep me focused on the lab.

I never clicked the red ‘End Lab’ button until I double check that I had answered all questions and completed all tasks. Some labs have a green ‘Score’ card. I always made sure I was at 100 before ending my labs.

There is a grey ‘?’ button to access help during a lab. I did have errors that occurred during a lab and sometimes the directions were confusing or misleading, but most problems happened because I missed a step or misread the instructions. When I did find a mistake in the lab I noted it in my text editor. At the end of the lab, they ask you to review the lab. I reported the errors I encountered there. I find a good mindset to have in the world of digital technology is that when things to wrong it is an opportunity to learn.